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"Amazingly loud and a great tone all its own. Hats off to The ZT team."
- Brent Bunke (happy Lunchbox owner)

"I can remember 30 years ago talking about how nice it would be to have a small, light, loud amp that kicks. The future is finally here."
- Jono Smith

"I bought one few months ago...LOVE it. I am a Greek Bouzoukee player...semi pro and have been using the amp in small clubs. Other musicians are amazed of the power and sound...and when they see how small and ez to carry, they are more amazed. "
- George Stringos

"This amp has the midas touch, everyone that plays it or hears it just thinks it's gold."
– Gavin Downie

"I love this thing, it sounds great. I don't know what you guys stuffed into that little box, but man, it's the right stuff."
— Mike Argento

"As a guitar player for nearly 40 years and a former studio owner, I have played dozens (if not hundreds) of guitars and amps.  The ZT Lunchbox is the first amp I’ve played through that gives TRUE tube sound without the tubes: warm, responsive, plenty of head-room, and smooth breakup when pushed.  Add to that the fact that it is literally the size of a lunch-box and you have an amp EVERYONE is going to want.  It’s a good sounding, portable, and loud little monster!  Good work, Ken!!"
- Barbara King, Ph.D.

"I think you guys did a great job and it’s about time someone made an amp that I can carry 6 NY city blocks without having to use and inhaler and stop for Gatorade. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Tom Cavanagh

"I just played a lunchbox this past weekend and had to have one for myself.  They are exceptional little amps--and apparently--with customer service to match."
-Chris Cameron

"OK, you guys earned this, a one word response.  WOW! …finally someone seems to have really gotten the human factors side of the small amp idea exactly right.” 
-Steve Little

"I did live show as a member of doom metal. Of course I used ZT amp.
It was louder than two bass amps!!!  Audience and engineer could not understand the truth.  After live show, many men asked what ZT is. I was very glad!!!"
- Matsubara, Japan

“Congratulations on a wonderful product. The Lunchbox seems like a dream come true for many gigging players. I am very impressed”
- Fredrik Olsson

”My goodness! I just wanted to thank you guys for putting out a product that (for once) does exactly what it says it will do. My lunchbox is loud, clean, portable, seems extremely well built, and most importantly--sounds great. It is the ultimate "take the subway to the gig" amp. As a jazz player, I can see these becoming VERY big in that market--we're always looking for cleaner, louder and smaller.”
- Jeff in Chicago

"This little amp is just amazing. The sound quality is pretty unbelievable, for it's size. Even after using it a few times with a couple of different bands up here in Santa Rosa, the guys in the band still comment on how cool this amp is. I'm even using my guitar synth through it in one band, and it really has a big sound, relatively speaking. I don't know how you guys did it, but the tone that comes out of the Lunchbox definitely rivals any of these amps. It's a really easy amp to play through, and makes the guitar sing; for about a 10th of the price (and a 10th of the size and weight) of some of the afore-mentioned amps."
-Craig Wiper

"Man – I’ve been playing this amp for about a week or so now and it's great! It absolutely loves the Wurlitzer."
- Casey Mcallister

"I've just picked up the amp - It has arrived in good order and sounds fantastic - 'sounds bloody marvelous' ... as some would say in this neck of the woods. I'm totally in love, thanks very much."
- Dui Pitoun Bunyapana

"I watched the VH1 Storytellers ZZ Top special yesterday? Man, those little #^*&%$ ARE loud!!!!!!! Can't wait to get mine tomorrow :-)"
- Laurence Schwarz

"I would gig with this amp ANY day. GREAT sound, but really portable, and not very expensive at all." - Ken Adler (reviewer, Harmony-Central.com)
"The Lunchbox is REALLY A REVOLUTIONARY AMP, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!" - Vincenzo Erriquenz (customer, Bari, Italy)
"The amp is LOUD. When teaching guitar lessons, I plug my iPod in with a stereo 1/8" cable. If it were stolen or lost I would definitely get one again." - Ken Barr (Guitar Teacher, Alpharetta, GA)
"The amp is really cool. It keeps up with my band at practice with only the internal speaker. A 1x12 ext cab makes it even better. It weighs about eight pounds, so it is perfect for jams and open mics. All in all they deliver what they promise." - portsider (forum contributor, tdpri.com)
"This little amp will absolutely blow you away! I use a PRS Santana and a PRS Al DiMeola so tube like that in a blind test you couldn't tell it from a tube amp. This amp exceeds my expectations and with the volume available you can gig anywhere you take a normal 50-100 watt amp. I own several boutique amps, and to be honest this little amp is very impressive and for the money every guitarist in the US will have to have one of these." - Don Seery (reviewer, Harmony-Central.com)
"I bought a Lunchbox Amp a couple of months ago, and last night I took it to a jam for the first time. When I walked in, the other players laughed. One asked "Are you going to mic that or something?" I replied "I don't think that will be necessary." Over 3 other guitar players, a bass player, and a drummer, it had no trouble cutting through and was easily heard. The comments went from disbelief to "Can I play through it?" This is an amazing piece of gear." - Frank Giffen (customer, CA, USA)
"I love your Lunchbox amp - just the perfect thing for a New Yorker!" - Sheryl Bailey
"I have never been completely blown away by a guitar amp before until now. That’s a mean little amp with an awesome volume and tone. I take my hat off to you and your staff for these amps." - Joe Griffin, Jr
"I plugged it in, straight up, no pedals. It more than kept up with a four-piece band, sounded good on the Elmore James tunes we played, and earned its fair share of respect… for the sheer convenience of being able to grab a guitar, put the Lunchbox in a backpack and jump on the subway, your product is worth its weight in gold." - Eric Stanglin
“I received my Lunchbox this week and I am absolutely amazed by this little monster! This amp is not just loud, but has got a HUGE TONE!!! Thank you very much for your amazing work! Rock On!” - Laszlo, Hungary
"You folks nailed it! I've owned a bunch of Champ sized amps over the years, and this one has my jaw on the floor and my hands constantly on my guitar. Stunning. I'm packin' my own lunch from now on!" - John Mercer
"I find your company to be the most responsive and down to earth company I have ever dealt with. I was surprised at how nice the low end of this amp can sound by making very fine adjustments to the Ambience control…you bring out a true fan.” " - Abelardo Cabrera
“Just fantastic stuff that is professional, powerful and provocative. I wish I was shooting video every time someone comes up to the stage and realizes that the Lunchbox is what's making all the dBs! Freakin’ amazing!” - Stan Borek

What Reviewers are Saying

"I find ZT Amplifiers innovations into the market of compact lightweight amplifiers to be intriguing and this is definitely a brand I am going to be keeping my eye on." - Gary Allen, GuitarGearHeads (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, November 2010)

"Perfect for Pop, Country and Rock players of all styles, the Lunchbox amp from ZT Amplifiers represents a new paradigm-a brilliant piece of gear that shatters all previous perceptions of what makes a fine guitar amplifier." - Barry Rudolph (recording engineer/producer/journalist)
"Sure, it looks kitschy-cool, but don't let that fool you: This lunchbox-size guitar amp, from a new Berkeley, California company, cranks 200 watts of screaming raw power." - Rolling Stone (The Great Rock And Roll Gift Guide, December 2008)
"The Club not only packs a wallop that you wouldn't expect from this little beastie, it also has a damn nice tone. The bass response is surprising. With a distortion box cranking, I found an amazing bass womp for great chugga-chug action. For jazz, the tone is fat and round, the response is quite even, and there's headroom to burn. The Club has nice tones all the way. Frankly, everything about this amp caught me off guard. I do believe the Club could be the jazz amp of choice for today, just as the Polytone Mini-Brute was back in the '70s. The power, portability, and all-around nice tone make this a good choice for any electric player." - Premier Guitar (Club Review, May 2010)
"This (the Lunchbox) is the neatest, niftiest, and nastiest guitar amp I've heard."- Scott G. (Music Industry Newswire)

"This amplifier is extraordinary. I reckon that the Lunchbox is set to become one of the all time "classics". What a sound!" - Jazzwisemagazine.com (Lunchbox Review, May 2010)

"The (Lunchbox amp) not only got loud, but actually sounded great with a warm, fat sound. I was kind of stunned. I've been producing records and doing live concert sound for years and on many nights I'd rather have the guitarist playing through this than their own, bigger amp." - Robin Danar (MOG.com)

"The folks at ZT Amplifiers are the type of people we want in our musical community. Clearly, their mission is to meet the needs of working musicians, and they are willing and prepared to exert the effort to ensure that these needs are met. The Lunchbox Acoustic is an outstanding product made by people who truly care." - Just Jazz Guitar Magazine (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, November 2010)

"Put simply, there is no more portable solution for a singer/ guitarist than this (Lunchbox Acoustic)." - Acoustic Magazine UK (Lunchbox Acoustic Review, October 2010)


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